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Been away, had lots of problems

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Need a rdest from caps










Feeling very ill (not flu)

For about 2 to 3 weeks i have been feeling  very unwell, symptoms:- headache, dizziness, some vertigo,

 extreme weakness, extreme tiredness, to do anything has been a major effort. i put this down to the heat, we have cooked in Essex, but i was just about coping, that was untill friday.On friday i could not stand up, even on standing with help my legs would not support me, since then i have been stuck in my wheelchair, which causes major problems as you can imagine.


Hi, i am not receving any post, mail or anything from the cpni site can someone help me to get the info from the site. Jen


Hi, i am not receving any post, mail or anything from the cpni site can someone help me to get the info from the site. Jen

Delaying pulse 25

 I looked on taking pulse 25 with dread and decided to postpone it for a few weeks, i still feel unwell and oh so tired after my last pulse which was 3 weeks ago. I feel i must try to do some exercises, try and improve my poor wasting muscles, at the moment i am unsure wether my msi is getting worse or because of my inactivity i just feel physcally worse. I am still taking all the abxi's, and the nac, unfortunatly some of the supps i cannot tolerate i.e omega 3 which gives me the trots, and being in a wheelchair and unable to run to the loo this is a no no, also i have had trouble taking all the supps twice  day a problem for the same reason, once a day is ok twice is not so nice. I am hoping this is not  going to be detremental in any way.

Jennie's update

Tomorrow I start pulse 21 with dread, for some reason pulse 20 was evil, I was so ill with it and recovery took weeks. Anyway it is along time since I last I last wrote so here is a brief update. As you can see I am up to pulse 21, I have had to slow them down to one a month, the reason being  I needed the recovery time so that I could do some exercises when I felt able. It is all right taking the medication to kill and the medication to build but I need to get some muscle strength which unfortunately only comes with work, my msi has slowly taken so much away, so I feel my recovery will also be very slow and anything I can do to help it is a added bonus.

More side effects

To continue with my negative capi symptoms knowing that most have you have gone through through them all but  at times we all need that extra hug and sympathy and at the moment this is just what i need. At the moment my big thing is the itch, from scalp to toes, it is a mad itch that once scratched increases in intensity and does not stop, it is driving me crackawolaa (meaning a very strongly crazy). I have no rash as such  but at times i do have a fine heat rash type of thing, this i attribute to the terrific sweats that i have been getting, ladies it is like the menapusal flush magnified a hundred fold. The night flushes are the pits, mid winter, bed covers off, fan on poor hubby he shiver i sweat.

red-hot-mama-d needs help

Hi everybody, i am starting my blog with my current condition, which as you can see is not so good. I finíshed pulse 11 friday last week which inclúded dox 2 caps am, zithi 1 cap 3 times a week and flagyli 1 400mg tab 3 times a day for 5 days plus all the vits and supps.

Ok what is my problem, the pulses are getting tougher with fewer and fewer goods in between them. Tuesday this week i felt like death, i was so ill, i have spmsi and i suffer dreadfully with a small increase in my body temperature and i had a increase in my body temp + terrible sweats and flushes, weakness, extreme tiredness, weepiness and really feeling so bad.

Flu jab

One day i will do a good relevent blog probably when my computor behaves, but for now. Are there any contraindications to having the flu jab, I am on the full monty of antibioticsi and supps and doing pretty well if i say so myself. Mentally more alert, far more keen and eager to get out of the in electric wheel chair, exercising more and i have found a mobile physio (personel trainer if i was posh) to help me do more exercises. CAPS is not easy but i am feeling the benifits.

Keep well jen


Hi just t let any interested party know that i posted a copy of this letter on the msi web site today, so far it is stiil there, sorry some grammer and spelling mistakes just refuse to be corrected but one day my brain wiil come out of its fog. Bye for now Jen CLAMYDIA PNEUMONIAE – CPNi< Keeping an open mind for this possibility, could the cpn bacteria  be a causative factor in MS?

cpn updated no 2

Sorry for no relying to mail but I am having real problems with my broadband it keeps crashingUpdated version for approval please CLAMYDIA PNEUMONIAE – CPNi< Keeping an open mind for this possibility, could the cpn bug be a causative factor in MS?

For ms web site

This is a letter i would like to put on the ms web site to inform people of cpn and its potential as a cure . What do you think?



Hi my real name is jennie, but red-hot-mama-d is much more exiting and when you spend a lot of time in a wheelchair you need some excitment.

This is my first blog and i must say i am impressed with the cpni site and the knowledge of the people who use the site, and i would like to tell you a bit of my story.

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