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Hi Everybody.

I've had to take a small break from to deal with a number of personal issues. Pulses were put on hold as well. I've been looking for a new job, had to file bankruptcy, and this summer my health took a slight turn for the worse because of some abscesses.

I felt it was time I gave you all an update.


Just FYI. I just got a Himalayan Salt Lamp and I haven't had to take a decongestant since I plugged it in. They really work.<

48th Tini Pulse

I will start a 7-day Tinii<i< pulse on April 5, 2016. 

Skipping pulse this month

Just too stressed right now.

Long Term Antibiotics

I have been taking antibioticsi almost continuously for the past several years. Guess what?

It's stopped the progression of my multiple sclerosisi, allowing my body to heal.

Eventhough I'm obese due to steroids, my health has been great. I'm going to have a full physical and bloodwork done soon to investigate further. 

I haven't stood or walked in 4 years, but according to last years bone scan the lower portion of my skeleton is tiptop. No sign of bone weakening whatsoever.

Eventhough multiple doctors have scolded me and told me that I was going to create antibiotic- resistant bacteria. It hasn't happened. I've yet to be patient zero for a superbug.

47th Tini Pulse

I started a 7-day Tinii<i<i< pulse on February 19, 2016. 


I just increased my daily dose of biotin from 60 mg tp 120 mg. Just making note of it for my blog.

46th Tini Pulse

I started a 7-day Tinii<i< pulse on January 19, 2016. 

45th Tini Pulse

I started a 7-day Tinii<i<i<

Skipping Another Tini Pulse

No Tinii<i< Pulse this month. I'm just not up for it.

Too busy with my Kickstarter Campaign:

About that Biotin.....

After a couple weeks at 300 mg a day, I now have claws that would put Wolverine (x-men comic book character) to shame.

These insanely long nails simply won't break and I'm not strong enough to physically cut them. I guess I'm off to the nail salon this weekend to get them removed. 

Wish I was girly enough to apppreciate them, but right now they are making typing a pain.Wink

Update: Got the conversion from mcg to mg wrong. I've only been taking 30 mg. 

Skipping Tini Pulse

No Tinii Pulse this month. I'm just not up for it.

44th Tini Pulse

I started a 7-day Tinii<i<i< pulse on September 17, 2015. 

Smooth sailing so far.

43rd Tini Pulse

I started a 7-day Tinii<i< pulse on August 21, 2015. 

Lots and lots of die-off. Still purging toxins well. Occasional bouts of feverishness and some inflammationi in both hip joints. My hair may still be falling out, but I got myself an extremely short I can't tell. 

Article on misdiagnosing doc

"Dr. Sean Orr was really a "greedy conman" who routinely misdiagnosed patients with multiple sclerosisi so he could bill for painful and pricey treatments they did not need."<

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