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Niacin, dry eyes, eyelashes broke off

Fifteen years ago I suddenly developed dry eyes, and then eight years ago my eyelashes broke off. For years I had no eyelashes, and I used to have long eyelashes. I had to use eye drops at least once an hours. CAPi helped a little. I think I have mites. They are too small to be seen without magnification, and live in sebaceous pores and in a line of pores inside the eyelids. Sometimes I could feel something on my eyeball, without being able to see the irritant.They depend on bacteria, and when CAP reduced the bacteria, the number of mites dropped, too. When I first went on CAP, I had to change my bed sheets daily, or I would itch. I develped a line of tiny red bumps along my hairline.


Finding this website almost three years ago was an answered prayer. I am grateful for all of you in this community.

Skin & eye light sensitivity

For 30 years my eyes were so sensitive that when I opened my front door I would squint my eyes to slits at the indirect sunlight. For about 20 years my skin would not tan. I recently spent a day at outdoor hot mineral springs. I didn't need sunglasses or a hat. My skin has started tanning again. Alas, I have white spots. I guess those are my dapples to go with my Rudolph's red nose. My hands aren't cartoon red like they used to be, but they are still red. If I press a fingertip into the red skin, it blanches for a couple of seconds.


My aunt has been diagnosed with Alzheimers. She is around 80 years old. Would CAPi work for my aunt? Or is it too late? I had a bad flare up of Cpni about 20 years ago that left me with brain fog, memory problems, and inability to more than one thing at a time. I felt like the cogs in my brain had sand in them. What is happening to my aunt could have happened to me.

San Antonio, TX

Has anyone found a doctor near San Antonio, Texas that prescribes CAPi? If so, please send me a private message.


For the first time in a year and a half of CAPi, I have developed a problem with candida. Before I started CAP I had fungus on my feet. That cleared up within a few months of starting CAP. Should I keep taking minoi, zithi, and flagyli every day, or switch to something else? Does anyone have an opinion?


I started taking Lutimax. I noticed if I scratched my skin, red ridges rose and stayed a long time. Anything that might have caused a little inflammationi on my skin, reacted with exageration. What causes this?

email for my nurse practitioner

Is it possible for my local nurse practitioner to email Dr. Stratton? She is becoming nervous about the lingth of CAPi. I have changed from pulsing to continuous Flagyli.

flu shot

Should we get slu shots or other vaccinations while dong CAPi for Cpni?

CAP for fibromyalgiai, interstitial cystitisi 


I broke out with shingles last week. I'm on Valtrex for a week. Does anyone have any advice?

I thought I was going great guns. I'd progressed to the point that I no longer have NACi flu. Should I discontinue CAPi until I am completely recovered from the shingles?


Bacteriophage are viruses that infect specific bacteria, sometimes killing it. I saw a TV show about Russian doctors treating bacterial infections by giving the patients the proper phage.

Apparently a certain bacteriophage for Cpni  makes Cpn more pathogenic. Phage-containing strains of C. pneumoniae are uncommonly found by isolation but may commonly infect individuals with vascular disease.


Another article said those phages were commonly found in aortic arterial aneurisms.

 Phage-bearing strains of Chlamydophila spp. are more pathogenic than phage-free strains is being investigated in vascular disease; phage-bearing strains of bacteria are often more pathogenic than phage-free strains.

Infection starts CFS

http://www.davidsbell.com/DSBJoin.htm is Dr. Bell's website.

"I would estimate that there may be more than ten causes of the process we are calling ME/CFSi. The first in this list would be infection. It is the classic presentation of a previously healthy person who develops a commonplace sinus infection or bronchitis and then never gets better. That seventy five percent of all persons with ME/CFS begin this way is a reasonable guess."

is the full article.

Dr. Bell wrote a superb newsletter. He seems to have not heard of Cpni, which would be a major piece of the puzzle for him.

endotoxin, cortisol, melatonin

Researchers T.S. Wiley and Bent Formby believe that overeating fat and a lack of exercise do not cause obesity, heart diseasei, diabetes, and cancer. They base their conclusions on more than a decade of research at the National Institutes of Health in Washington D.C. They believe the problems of overweight and cancer can be helped with a solution as cheap as turning off a light bulb. "Lights Out: Sleep, Sugar, and Survival" by T.S.Wiley and Bent Formby, Simon & Schuster Inc., NY 2000 Up to about 1900 when the sun set, it got dark. If people stayed up late it was to the dim red glow of fire or candles. When it got dark people went to bed and slept. In the winter people spent up to 14 hours a day in the dark. The abdominal fat pad common in insulin-resistant, high cholesteroli and Type II diabetes patients would have kept internal organs warm and served as an energy store for famine season of winter. The liver dumps sugar into cholesterol production to lower the freezing temperature of cell membranes. Chronic high insulin leads to insulin resistance. Blood sugar cannot enter muscles cells, so all sugar goes to fat cells for storage or gets turned into cholesterol. This makes insulation and antifreeze to prepare the body for the winter famine that never comes for many in the modern world.

stomach doesn't digest

My bouts of vomitting have shown that my stomach doesn't digest its food after I eat. Yesterday I took 2000mg of niacin">i for the first time. I guess from that I developed a migraine headache and vomitting. Four hours after I ate, my whole supper came up not digested at all. I take betaine and enzymes. At this point I don't know when my stomach empties enough to take charcoal. Does anyone have any suggestions for my stomach?


For years I described that I felt like a zombie. I was exhausted and couldn't sleep. Now I learn that after decades of cpni infection, I have many zombie cells.

During my last pulse I noticed my face skin looked older. (Usually I look younger than my age.) I wonder if I looked older during the last pulse because a bunch of zombie cells died that should have died long ago.

Two fingernails are trying to grow half-moons. They have been gone for decades. 

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