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Antibiotics looking for a good home - all gone

I have some Rifampicin 500mg capsules and some Roxi 300mg tablets that I no longer require.  They are free to anyone who needs them in the UK.  Just send me a PM.  Irene 

Gone to a good home already

Vielight Neuro

I've been using this for 6 months or so.  It improves energy supply to damaged brain cells through the medium of light.  Here is our dear 'doctor Mercola' waxing lyrical about it.  Don't let that put you off because the clinical researchers have a video presentation showing their work.<


Another infective agent implicated in neurodegenerative disease

Seeing a Neuroi never has a happy ending Frown and not seeing a Neuro always makes me better Tongue Out

Self help news - Gluten sensitivity and Probiotics

"Our study demonstrated that the use of probiotic capsule for 12 weeks among subjects with MSi had favorable effects on EDSSi, parameters of mental health, inflammatory factors, markers of insulin resistance, HDL-, total-/HDL-cholesteroli and MDA levels."

"In a cross-over trial of subjects with suspected NCGS, the severity of overall symptoms increased significantly during 1 week of intake of small amounts of gluten, compared with placebo. Clinical trial no: ISRCTN72857280."

Mitochondrial dysfunction, MS, CFS, ALS, Chronic infection and CPn infection

Here is a very interesting piece of research about Mitochondrial dysfunction and chronic infection, tying together many disparate chronic diseasesi.  Also ways, apart from antibioticsi, that you can improve your mitochondrial dysfunction.
"Many chronic diseases and illnesses are associated with one or more chronic
infectionsi, dysfunction of mitochondria and reduced production of ATP.

Pineal Gland Calcilfication and MS

I'm celebrating 2 years of CAPi, 50 Tinidazole pulses, and increasing health and wellbeing, and I periodically contribute to this site when I find something new and helpful.

Recently I've been doing a heavy metal detox whilst replacing the loss of vital good minerals (zinc, selenium, magnesium etc) with the help of hair analysis.  What I didn't realise was that routine hair analysis doesn't screen for iodine deficiency.  I mistakenly thought that I was safe as I've been on kelp for years.  Wrong!

Nicotinamide ribosome anybody?

As ever, I'm into reading emerging research to improve neurological functioning.  Personally I have benefitted from taking Biotin 300mg daily, as it seems to enhance a biological function that is defective in MS.  I've been researching nicotinamide riboside and have decided to start 250mg x 3 daily tomorrow.  Here are some links™_nicotinamide_riboside_offers_huge_potential_as_next_generation_niacin">i&naid=438


How Biotin works

Found an interesting snippet on the Facebook Biotin site, regarding the role of Biotin on the production of myelini<


More about the gut brain connection

Found this interesting article today in the Guardian - moght well be the answer to healing MSi<<


A bit of CPn history

Someone on the Biotin FaceBook site published this link about CPni and how it was found.  I am trying to educate the world about the role of infection in the evolution of MSi and people are sharing good information on the site.<


Brain growth

I found this article about Gotu Kola and the benefits it can have in preserving and regenerating brain tissue.<

I'm going to try it out for a few weeks and then I'll let you know how it goes.  If you don't hear from me again ....


If you have Methylation problems

I found a clear and explicit You Tube video which explains all about MTHFR mutations, many of which underpin the development of MSi.  It can be a complex subject to understand, especially if you have brain fog.<


Biotin experience and Heavy Metals

Just an update about my inability to take a decent level of Biotin.  I've been stuck at 100 mg because of side effects (bloating, tendonitis, raised blood pressure).  I discovered that I am so full of heavy metals that I should sink without trace (very toxic for aluminium, artimony, arsenic, bismuth, cobalt, copper, palladium, vanadium, lead, nickel) and moderately toxic for a few others.  These heavy metals displace other minerals needed for normal biological functions which are vital to health.

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