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Layers of problems

First, thanks for the encouragement from everyone. It's been a really bad week - I would say I was suicidal several times. As with many of you, so much is going on in addition to whatever the CPNi is doing to my body. I am taking appropriate meds for it all and seeing my docs.
While laying in bed with too much time to think, these are the layers of problems I came up with.
1. General Anxiey Disorder - diagnosed years ago while raising and homeschooling five children ages ten and under. Marriage problems added to the anxiety.
2. Panic attacks - I had some even as a child, but didn't know what they were.

Does it ever get Better?

I am seriously, severely depressed and I'm getting really depressed about it.   I've only been on CAPi for a few months and already I'm tired of it ready to give up. When do I start feeling better? Where do CFSi/Fibro  symptoms end and just plain old depression kick in? I'm getting some of the best care possible and on tons of meds and support. Yet I can't make it through the day without falling apart.
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