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To Londoners!

Here is a message that I received from Terry Wahls.  Maybe this will interest some of you Brits.

HEALTH Unplugged is back for a special one-off event on October 29, 2016 from
12:00 to 16:45pm St Paul's Centre, Hammersmith, London.

I will be discussing:

Taking a break

Hi there,

After suffering from gastro distress for many months, which has severely impacted my quality of life, I and my doctor have agreed that it is time for me to take a break from antibioticsi.  We will decide if I return to the protocol when my gut heals.  In the meatime I will keep taking NACi and I am doing my best to adopt Terry Wahls' ketogenic diet.

I will still be cheering for everyone on the protocol!  May you have more success and less discomfort than I experienced.

Best wishes to everyone!

pulse 27

Hi there,

I just finished pulse 27 a few days ago.  As usual I was very tired for a few days...

Hoping that something good will result from this pulse.


Hi there,

Before I started CAPi I was going to physiotherapy 3 times a week and got by pretty well with my cane....

Once I started NACi I became too weak to go to physio and now use a walker for short distances and a wheel chair for everything else.  I have now found a physiotherapist who makes home visits and she is coming today to do an assessment.

I live in denial about how I am deteriorating and I am sure she will make me face this. so I am not looking forward to her visit.  On the other hand, maybe just maybe, she can help strengthen some muscles or bring back some flexibility to the spastic ones...

Wish me luck!

Day 6 of Pulse

Day 6 of this pulse.  I am very tired and very sad.    Cry    Time to shut it down!

Pulse 26

Hi there,

I started Pulse 26 on Monday.  So far so good!  I may try to extend this one beyond 5 days. 

Otherwise there is little to report.  One day I think I am improving and then the next day I think I am regressing. 

Best wishes to everyone!

Finished Pulse 25

Hi there.

I've finished Pulse 25.  The first four days were really quite boring on this pulse.  I even thought about extending it!

However the last day was hard so I ended it.  The days since then have also been hard -- I am very weak and very feverish.  I just hope this means a lot of invaders are being killed!

Wishing everyone all the best!

Pulse 25

Hi there,

I started pulse 25 on Wed night.

I am beginnng my 4th year on CAPi and am getting impatient for some improvemens in my mobility....

Pulse 24

Hi there,

I woke up feeling good this morning.  I could function pretty well after my shower (which usually exhausts me for hours....) SO I thought it must be a good time to start pulse 24.  Well, within a few hours I began to feel horrible.  I wonder if it is in my head?  All I know is that I can't wait until Thursday when this pulse is over!

Completed Pulse 23

Hi there!

I have completed pulse 23.

News to report:  Last night I went to the bathroom at 10:30pm and next went at 6:30am.  This means that I was in bed for EIGHT hours!  I did wake up a few times in the night but I resisted the urge to get out of bed and returned to sleep.  This is great because I used to be up and out of bed every hour or two...  I really hope that this means that my bladder is healing.

Pulse 23

Hi there! 

I am half way through pulse 23.  I haven't pulsed since the fall because I suffered some cracked ribs (long painful story...) and then it was the holidays....  I had forgotten how tired pulsing makes me.  ALL I want to do is nap.

How am I? 

The good news is that I am not craving carb anymore and the CAPi isn't making me nauseous.  I am not quite ketogenic yet but I am getting closer... AND I am not waking up so often at night.

The bad news is that my limbs continue to get weaker and more spastic ...  Spasticity is my new area of research.  If anybody has heard of treatments/remedies for spasticity I would love to hear about them.

Best wishes for improvements for everyone in 2016!

Pulse 22

Happy Thanksgiving Day (Canadian!),

As crazy as it seems I am pulsing through this holiday weekend...

I dislike pulsing but I was wondering if it has become mostly pyschological now, SO I made this a stealth pulse.   I didn't tell anyone what I was doing.  Well before I finished the first day I was told that I was "very sluggish -- almost as if I was pulsing."   So now I know.  I am still reacting to the CAPi killing CPNi.

I am very thankful, as this gives me hope that more recovery may be possible.

Best regards to everyone!


Hi there,
I just completed pulse 21 -- gosh I hate pulsing!  The damn things just tire me out...
I took a little break after my last pulse for two reasons.  First I was on my own and secondly I had slipped out of my chair trying to grab something AND instead of calling for help right away I strained the muscles in both arms trying to get up....   This was really dumb because with my weak legs I really depend on my arms to get me around with my walker....

Betaine HCI for gas/bloaing

Hi there,

Lately I have been experiencing a lot of gas/bloating after meals.  I've experimented by varying my diet without success.  So I am planning to start taking betaine hydrocloric acid before my meals.  This worked for me many years ago before CAPi.

Does anyone know if there is any reason why I shouldn't do this?  Could Betaine HCI interfere with antibioticsi?


Pulse 20

Hi there!  Happy FridaySmile

At the risk of jinxing the positives I am going to recap my situation.
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