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Zigfeld, no, Zith-feld Follies

I was tolerating Dox so well that I went ahead and took my first dose of Azithromycin (250mg) the other day.  Within about two hours I felt "supercharged" (more awake, alert and motivated than I had in previous weeks).  It lasted pretty much all day.  The next day was a different story; lethargic, apathetic, a little dizzy and intolerant of any disturbance.  The phone would ring and I would feel rage welling up inside me.  If I had had the energy, I might have thrown it across the room instead of just answering it with an unfriendly tone.  By the following day, I was pretty much back to normal and that continued the next day as well. 

Six Weeks (More or Less)

Well, I've gotten six weeks down (except for that short interruption when I was in the ER - see prior blog entry).    My mind is clearer.   I guess that's the "brain fog" lifting.  Tolerating the Dox quite well.  Going so well I figure I ought to go ahead and start the 'Zithi.  I'll let you know how it goes.  Since starting the abxi, I'm prone to shortness of breath whenever I get stressed out, but otherwise I don't seem to be having any major problems. 

Thanks for your encouragement.  

Medically Underserved?

My wife had to go to the funeral of her aunt the other day.  Turns out her sister was able to attend as well.  My sister-in-law has had unexplained pain for several years.  Her doctor appears to have gone through several theories about the cause before sending her to a neurologist.  The neurologist put her on an antidepressant (and maybe some other medications, I only know for sure about the antidepressant).    

Be careful what you wish for

When I last posted at the end of my first week, I noted the lack of anything other than the mildest reaction symptoms and said I had sort of hoped for more as confirmation that this was working. A few days later I developed severe shortness of breath and ended up in the Emergency Room. Stroke, Heart Attack and Pulmonary Embolism were ruled out. I was given oxygen even though my SPO2 was running 97% of higher. I was not given any medications. I was kept for observation and tests. A stress echocardiogram the next day revealed nothing unusual and a CAT scan was "unremarkable". The doctors concluded it was either an allergen, a toxin, stress or some unknown consequence of M.S. and sent me home.

Week One in the rearview mirror

Finished week one.  Now I guess I can start counting weeks rather than days.  Basically this week just consisted of starting the Doxycycline at 100 mg a day and when I could tolerate it, going to 200 mg a day. 

On Days 2 & 3, I had a sensation I can only describe as "moderate pressure" behind my eyes.  It wasn't a headache, more of a sensation that there was something behind my eyeballs other than bone, brain and a sinus.  It didn't require a pain reliever and it resolved by the end of Day 3. 

Struck Out & Striking Out

After trying for several months, I struck out with every doctor in the area that I approached about the CAPi.  In fact, my primary care physician, who has treated me for the last 15 years told me I needed to either get on one of the CRAB treatments or find another doctor.  Since I don't want to be in a wheelchair in ten years asking myself, "What if?", I have decided to "strike out" on my own and supervise myself in following the Wheldon protocol.  It's kind of a shame, too.  I'll miss my doctor.  There aren't too many doctors in the United States that will give patients their home phone numbers.   I have been taking the supplementsi (including NACi) recommended by Dr.
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