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Waiting on Endo

Sammuel Beckett waited for Gaddot. 

Mick Jagger was waiting on a friend. 

I'm waiting for Endo(toxin) and the reaction to my fifth pulse he is supposed to bring.  I finished my fifth pulse (1,250 mg Flagyli per day for 5 days) on the 19th.  Aside from some really mild, really short-lived reactions on the 22nd, Endo has been conspicuous by his absence.

I'm not complaining, but it is unnerving that so many other people on this site seem to have such severe reactions to flagyl pulses and for the most part I have had so little.  It makes me start to doubt whether this is really working in my case.

Fifth Pulse

Fifth pulse (1,250 mg per day for 5 days) completed this evening.   

CAPi for M.S. since 8/2007. Currently: 100 mg Dox. (2 x day), 250 mg Zithi (3 x week). Fifth pulse metronidazolei completed 2/19/2008.

Fourth Pulse

Fourth pulse of metronidazolei (250 mg, 5x day for 5 five days) completed on January 23.  I was unexpectedly called out of town in the middle of the pulse so I wasn't sure how I was going to fare "flagylating on the road".  Only significant reactions so far have been some short episodes of dyspnea (shortness of breath), anxiety and mild paranoia.       

CAPi for M.S. since 8/2007. Currently: 100 mg Dox. (2 x day), 250 mg Zithi (3 x week).  Fourth pulse metronidazole completed 1/23/2008.

Questran, Welchol & Charcoal

...I thought I saw them flushing toxins out over by the bile duct; Questran, Welchol & Charcoal... 

Well, Maybe it's not as catchy as "Abraham, Martin & John", but it ain't easy to come up with attention-getting subject lines.

My question is prompted by a posting a few days ago.  Among the people on the site that use bile acid sequestrants Questran (Cholestramine) or Welchol (Colesevelam) to help remove fat-soluble toxins, do you use it IN ADDITION to Charcoal or IN PLACE OF Charcoal?


The signature block pretty much says it all

Third pulse (1,000 mg x 4 days)  completed. 

CAPi for M.S. since 8/2007. Currently: 100 mg Dox. (2 x day), 250 mg Zithi (3 x week). Third pulse metronidazolei completed 12/27/2007.

I think I'm starting to notice a pattern here

I finished Flagyli pulse #2 on December 2.  The experience was so mild that I my last blog post even asked what happened to the die-off symptoms.   Well, they arrived in force on December 9 and continued until December 20 (today).  I had the whole range of symptoms: fatigue, anxiety, paranoia, muscle aches, pain that felt like it was coming from my liver, pain that felt like it was coming from my stomach (or gall bladder or pancreas), some air-hunger (dyspnea), etc.  I kept to measures for dealing with endotoxinsi and porphyrins and by this afternoon I had gradually gotten back to equilibrium.  

Well, come on already...

Well, I finished my second flagyli pulse (250 mg, 3 x day, 3 days) on December 2nd.  I had a little bit of dyspnea (shortness of breath) like I did in Chicago back in September that started on the evening of the 4th, continued on into today and is subsiding.   I'm also finding it easier to concentrate on complex issues than I have in the past few months.  A little anxiety, some mild paranoia, a little lethargy, a couple of headaches bad enough to make me take aspirin but nothing bad enough to make me want something stronger.  Other than that, the reactions to this pulse have been decidely dull.  I've read that the reactions can happen several days after the pulse so the interesting stuff may be yet to come, but this one hasn't been very bad at all.

Pluse Two Down & Out (although I'm not - at least not yet)

Just completed Flagyl Pluse #2 (250 mg, 3 per day for 3 days).  Now I await the reaction.  

CAPi<i< for M.S. since 8/2007. Currently: 100 mg Dox. (2 x day), 250 mg Zithi<i< (3 x week). Second pulse metronidazolei<i< 12/2007.

Not taking my own advice

I have put up a couple of posts before suggesting that people starting out on this path follow the protocol closely to establish a baseline and only start tweaking it once they had enough experience with it to have some idea what they were doing.   I am about to not follow my own advice.

Antireplicative fatigue

Okay, remember from other posts that I'm the Texas Aggie that doesn't know sheep from goats, but this question doesn't have anything to do with either of them.  It has to do with pigs.  It also has to do with the fatigue that I have seen several people (myself included) report from taking Dox or Zithi; particularly when they start taking the drug or increase the dose.  

...letting the hammer fall

Well, I did my first flagyl pulse on November 10th & 11th; 250 mg of metronidazole, 2 pills a day for two days.  This was in addition to my regularly scheduled Dox, Zithi and supplementsi.

On the morning of the 11th, I had a pain deep in my back between my shoulder blades that lasted for several hours.  This was the same place my wife's back hurt when she was pregnant with our second child and her liver started to fail (at 26 weeks - interesting story) so I figured it was probably my liver being overloaded with dead bugs.  

Pulling the trigger...

Being well stocked with WelChol to help soak up any porphyrins and endotoxinsi, I begin Pulse #1.  If I survive I'll let you know how it went. 

CAPi<i< for M.S. since 8/2007. Currently: 100 mg Dox. (2 x day), 250 mg Zithi<i< (3 x week). Waiting for first Flagyli pulse.

Pssst, Dave, I got the stuff....

Saw my Primary Care Doctor today.  The past few visits she had been trying to talk me into trying a statin again to lower my cholesteroli.   I had already tried three and had not been able to tolerate any of them but much to my surprise she didn't fight and agreed to let me give WelChol another try.   I was very happy because the charcoal, vitamin C, etc. just weren't clearing the endotoxinsi well enough but a single WelChol got everything under control in 48 hours.  Now I have enough to continue the CAPi (and maybe lower my cholesterol).   

CAP for M.S. since 8/2007. Currently: 100 mg Dox. (2 x day), 250 mg Zithi (3 x week). Waiting for first Flagyli pulse.


...the signpost up ahead; your next stop - improvement

Sunday while getting dressed for church, my watch fell off the shelf.  Almost without thinking, my left hand shot out and grabbed it in mid-air.  It's a very little thing, but it got me quite excited.  This is because my reflexes have been so ravaged by M.S. that six months ago I would never have been able to do that.  Hmmm, this might actually work.

Up to Speed

Finally got "up to speed" on the antibioticsi.  Now taking the Dox at 200 mg a day and Zithi every other day.  Lots of little symptoms (i.e. hypoglycemia-like reaction if I don't take the Dox with food, the Zith still supercharges me on days I take it and I feel like I have no energy or motivation on days that I don't - kind of like going through a whole biploar episode in 48 hours, occasional mild nausea, occasional dizzy spells, etc.) but nothing bad enough to keep me from working.  

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