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Is it really CPN!

I was always tested positive for CPNi but not Lyme disease boreliosis, I started treatment and never missed a day,after a few years of treatment I started to get positive tests to Lyme IgGi but not IgM ( Western Blot)!

After Over 5 years of Doxyi, Zithro,Tinii/Flagl and Rifampin, being able to pulse for 100 days with no reaction I stopped all antibioticsi. I felt OK for a month and suddenly Boom!!! I feel like just as bad as when I started all those years ago!I can't work and feel like I'm dying, I ended up in emergency 3 times.....I got retested and CPN is positive for one band IgG but the Lyme  is IgM +++ IgG +++ the doctors have put me on Doxy. Back to square 1 again?

Lyme is said to be the new Black Death of our era :-(  incurable disease

Anyone experienced this after stopping antibiotics?

I stopped all antibioticsi after 5 years of treatment 20 days ago, I was taking rifampin too!

have become very sick after 5 days of stopping, I had to go to the emergency department, diagnosed with anemia ( haemoglobin) I have been given iron tablets and still feel terrible!

Any ideas?


Full term antibiotics :-)

I took the plunge! I'm on day 50 of a continuous pulse,NACi, Rifampin, Tinii and Zithromax ( MWF)

The first two weeks were hard, then it just got better as the days past! It now feels like I'm no longer taking Tini :-) 

I will continue like this for six months.

2014 5 year update

Firstly I have done this alone, having been tested positive for Cpni & Lyme, all the doctors I have seen ( more than I thought possible) said it's all in my head and offer me calming drugs that I refuse to take! Some of them had never even heard of the above :-\  One doctor prescribed  a single atb for a short term but then said I was fixed even though my blood tests said otherwise! Fools:-D :-D 

 Having found this site and talking directly to the amazing Dr Chuck Strattoni, I started on my journey into the World of intelligent medicine practised by people who want to learn! There have been ups and downs but every single thing Dr Stratton advised was correct, so I put my faith in him:-) 

pulsing gets harder!

I've been pulsing metroi for four years now and my last few pulses have hit really hard,similar to the early days of pulsing, I have no reactions to the other antibioticsi including rifampin!

Have any of you experienced this so late on in pulsing? 

Maybe I'm scraping the barrel!

online pharmacy recommendation needed

Good morning,

Can anyone recommend an online pharmacy, my usual supply stopped accepting MasterCard!

Thanks :-) 

A few tips learnt along this bumpy road

When you can handle a pulse without too much horror,start eating chili's and garlic,the chilli opens up the blood vessels and gets the antibioticsi deeper,you will see a huge difference! They are both natural antibiotics, start off slow! I eat about ten hot fresh chili's  and two garlic bulbs evey week.

When you are having a really bad day, eat black currants,as many as you can,this works wonders every time,brings you back to life:-) :-)  I have mine with natural yoghurt and oats!

This does work :-)

SmileFour years ago I was so sick I wanted to end my life, I had seen every doctor, same conclusion, all in my mind!

Then one doctor tested me for cpni and lyme after two years!! Both came back positive, off the chart...I was given two weeks of doxyi,joker....

Then I found this site:-) :-) 

Another doctor put me on clarithomycn for a year but wouldn't listen to the information of this site:-(  So I called Dr Stratton with my results and went it alone:-)  best thing I ever did:-) :-) I buy all my antibioticsi on line and have been taking doxy,zithromax and pulsing metroi every month and still do.

Who wakes up nauseated?

This is my worst problem,before and during capi,charcoal helps but only a little.

Does any one have any tips?

Many thanks.

Where are you buying your antibiotics?

Hello ,

I need to reorder my antibioticsi,where is the best online shop?

The last online shop i used is no longer trading.

Read this!<

Will all these people have a Cpni infection?

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