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Tindamax has arrived!

My tinidazole arrived today.  I was finally able to get it through my prescription plan's mail order program.  Enough for 3+ pulses.  I'm due to start my next pulse on Monday but am thinking of starting tomorrow instead, as I'd like to get it over with due to some potentially busy times coming up week after next.  I've been feeling better than usual, so I might as well go and ruin that!  So we'll see how this goes...

Another Flagyl pulse completed

Since I was unable to get tinidazole in time for my next pulse and had 11 Flagyli tablets left, I decided to go ahead with the Flagyl again but to reduce the dosage to two tablets per day rather than three.  I have to say that things went relatively well.  While I still had all the normal reactions to taking the Flagyl, beginning with the very first pill, the reactions were strong yet more tolerable at the two-per-day dose.  Maybe I just am not ready for the full dosage yet. 

Trying to switch to Tini, but ...

Well, I finally completed another full Flagyli pulse on July 10, and I'm ready to pulse again in two days.  The last Flagyl pulse was very difficult on my digestive system no matter what I tried to do to help.  I had lots of pain, bloating, gas, all that fun stuff.  It also didn't go away very quickly after I finished the pulse, although I'm pretty much back to normal now.  I used charcoal, extra probiotics, glucose, Emergen-C with no relief. 

Update from Finch

Hi everyone - I just wanted to check in and let you know I'm stll working at this!  Here's what I've done with the Flagyli so far:

Pulse 1 – 3/28 (one tablet) 

Pulse 2 – 4/18 & 4/19 (1 tablet per day for 2 days) 

Pulse 3 – 5/9 to 5/11 (1 tablet per day for 3 days) 

First Flagyl down the hatch

Hi Everyone ~

I'm so sorry to have been absent for so long.  I know I've missed much and am not up to date on what all of you have been going through.

I just want to put on the record that I finally downed my first dose of Flagyli.  I will leave it at the one dose for now to see how it goes.  I feel as though I'm doing very well with tolerating the antibioticsi.  I'm actually able to take both the Doxycycline and the Azithromycin on an empty stomach.  Therefore, I'm not too frightened of the Flagyl (yet).  I took the Flagyl with my supper, however.  I did get a chance to taste it when it got briefly stuck in my throat, so now I know what that's all about!  Afterward, I ate some more, and I'm not tasting it now. 

My Update - Now in Second Month

Hello, Everyone!

I feel ready to post an update, so here we go.  I ordered the recommended supplementsi and have been using them for just over a month now.  I'm very impressed with the sublingual B12 methylcobalamin tablets.  If I forget to use them, I really notice.  I usually use one in the morning just before leaving for work, and one right after lunch.  The morning one does the most good for me.  It really makes a difference.

Now I'm Really Starting a CAP!

I heard back from the letter I'd sent my CFSi doctor, in which I'd outlined the Wheldon protocol and asked if he'd consider supervising me with it.  One of the nurses called me on September 17.  She told me the doctor agreed with the antibioticsi, and they'd be calling in prescriptions for doxycycline and azithromycin. 

Started wrong - hope to right it soon!

Well, I think maybe in June, when I found out about the Cpni test results and got started on treatment, I got started all wrong.  First of all, my titers were IgM at <1:16 (in range); IgGi 1:64 (high - reference range <1:32); IgA 1:32 (high - reference range <1:16).  I don't know how this appears to people with medical knowledge, but both my doctors seemed quite convinced I was dealing with infection. 

Ouch - consider me slapped!

Ouch.  Consider me slapped! 

I guess I didn't introduce myself very well.  I didn't mean to sound cavalier or like someone who goes on lots of vacations.  I work full-time (painfully) and barely manage to do anything else at all.  I'm lucky to have some vacation time to take to try to get a break from the feeling of living half a life. 

Introducing Myself

Hi all ~ I'm just trying to see how this works right now. 

 I've had ME/CFSi since 1991.  I learned about the possible connection between CPni and ME/CFS from an article posted on the ImmuneSupport website.  I brought it up with my CFS doctor, and he had me tested (antibodies, I believe).  The test was positive.  He started me on Cipro, 750 mg 2 x per day on June 6, 2007.  I read more here and asked him about the NACi.  He thought it would be a good supplement, so I added that in July 2007 at 600 mg 2 x per day. 

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