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Mother has duodenal ulcer/on abx now

Last week my mother was hospitalized with the symptoms of tarry stools, weakness, cold sweats.  Endoscopy discovered an ulcer in the duodenum located over an artery.  To make matters worse, she's been taking Plavix for several weeks.  If she had waited much longer to seek help, she would have bled out and died.

Yes, tests confirmed that H. pylorii caused the ulcer.  She was given Vancomycin by IV for a day, then switched to a medication called Prevpak that contains amoxicillini, clarithromycin, and lansoprazole (a proton pump inhibitor).  She'll be taking the Prevpak for 2 weeks.  And yes, I'm pushing the probiotics.

Steve J's Update: Abx change and more

Last Saturday marked my 3rd anniversary of signing on at  Finding this site was the result of sacrificing television during Lent in 2006 and a strong desire to find a meaningful treatment for my wonderful husband who was declining fast on Rebif, one of the mainstream MSi drugs.  I can't thank Jim, Marie, Bleu, and any others enough for the work and heart that has gone into starting and maintaining

Autism talk serves-up good food for cross-thought ~ neuro patients

Jim, This interview< on AutismOne radio with a neurotologist who treats adult neurological illnesses as well as Autism will interest you as a professional and anyone who has MSi or who has neuro symptoms.

2nd Try at Graduation

Today is my last day on full-time CAPi.  I tried to graduate about this same time last year and fell flat on my face (my CAP started Spring '07).  For those who don't know me, my problems are:  high blood lipids, adult-onset diabetes, arthritis, hyperostosis, and osteopenia (depositing bone where it doesn't belong and losing it from where it should be denser).  There are other minor complaints, but those are the main ones.

Steve J's Update: Lost Job

Steve was laid off this morning along with many others in his company. Any layoff is life-changing, but I fear life as we have known it has reached a definitive end. Steve feels pretty hopeless that he will ever be employed again, and in this economy at this time in his life, he's probably right. Still, he will seek help from agencies who help the disabled find work.

In the meantime, he's already filed for state unemployment benefits, and I'm tackling the task of filing for disability benefits. Even though we both knew it was a fair possibility, we are both like "deer caught in the headlights."

If there's a word to describe this feeling, the one that comes to mind at this moment is BEREFT.

Genetically Engineered Food for Thought

Lots to think about here< from a few different angles:



NAME: Agrobacterium

IMAGE WIDTH: 12 microns

IMAGE CREDITS: Shirley Owens, Microbe Zoo Project, Comm Tech Lab, Michigan State University.

Steve J's Update: One-week break, then new abx

The following is what Steve's LLMD prescribed, but I hope it also does something for his Cpni and Mpn infectionsi:

1st:  One week off all abxi (to observe what happens and to entice Bb out of cystic form and into spirochete form).  This ended yesterday.

2nd:  Begin new course today of Biaxin and Ceftin.  This started today, and we have no inkling what effect it might have.  They're not noted for good BBBi penetration, but Lymies' BBB's lack integrity.  So, maybe there will be some neuroi benefit by virtue of leakage.

This past week off of abxi was interesting:

Day 1 - Crummy

Day 2 - Pretty good

Day 3 - Crummy and tired

Day 4 - Very good with exceptional bladder function

Day 5 - Crummy with pretty good bladder function

Unmitigated Gall

My main die-off symptom is fatigue---I'm a limp, sleepy dishrag while pulsing.  Dr. X recently switched my pulse pattern to 10 days on/10days off.  While riding to work this morning, I mentioned to Steve that I would start another pulse on Monday.  In a very frustrated voice, he asked "When are going to be done with that?"  "When I'm well," I replied.  "When are you going to be well?!" was his very exasperated comeback. 

Can you believe it?!  How would he feel if I asked him that question, especially in that tone of voice?  No, I'm not hurt or angry; it's strangely funny.

Steve J's Update: Rewind?

Steve is nearing the end of a one-month course of tetracycline + azithromycin + fluconazole. Something is happening which I have been waiting to post, but I learned something this morning that pushed me over the edge. Here is an excerpt of a PM I sent to a cpnhelp buddy yesterday:

Joyce's PBS Update: A breakthrough

Those who "know" me know that I have Potbelly Syndrome issues and other issues that are equally pedestrian. The only difference between me and billions of other middle-aged women with pudgy midsections is that I discovered that my common maladies are linked to chronic Cpni and other chronic infectionsi, because I found this site while investigating meaningful treatment for my husband who has MSi.

Steve J's Update: He's Off...and On

We are back from our trip and sort of rested. Even though I had given Steve something to even-out his emotions, he still wept all the way as he walked our oldest daughter down the aisle.  The elevated emotional state made him a bit tottery, but she did a good job of anchoring him.  He even made it fine through the traditional father-daughter dance.  Thankfully, he had more energy than usual on the wedding day and lasted well through the long reception afterward.   Thanks to the cooler weather (and not working), Steve was in good shape for the entire trip, and he even cheated on his gluten/casein diet quite a bit without much ill effect (his leaky gut is much better than it used to be).

Stampede on the Horizon

Twice this morning I caught only the tail-end of a news piece on health insurance, so please forgive the fuzzy details. It seems that there is a movement starting amongst U.S. health insurance companies toward a different way of "handling" coverage of what are categorized as "4th tier" drugs.

GFA Update & My Own Flu Healing Crisis

This is a long overdue update on my journey of treatment for health issues that fall into the "Generally Falling Aparti" category and sort of a continuation of my post A Day to Remember, But I'd Rather Forget<.  Please forgive me for the length.  With the help of Tamiflu, last week my husband Steve experienced an apparent healing crisis in clearing what our doctor believed was an infection with an untypable flu (neither A nor B).  Well, the doc believed I had the same flu, so I've been taking Tamiflu right along with Steve since March 31.  I've been very draggy since mid-February and had the worst sinus infection of my life in mid-March (and I've had many bad sinus in

A Day to Remember, But I'd Rather Forget

Sunday afternoon we visited my mother, and Steve slept while she and I chatted.  Then we went to Mass and he became very emotional on receiving the Eucharist.  I've seen intense emotion affect his function before, but this was worse, and we had to stop a few times on our way to the car so he could regain control and strength in his right leg.  He told me his throat was sore again and he began coughing/strangling frequently.  Monday morning the respiratory symptoms continued, but he was functioning just fine in his usual workday routine.  He made two driving trips to see customers that morning.  In the middle of the afternoon, I received a call from one of Steve's co-workers who asked me to come get him, because he was in a bad way.

A Quandary~Lyme Treatment>Improvements

I don't know where this post is going, sort of thinking out loud, so please forgive me up-front.  Steve is currently in the middle of a 20-day course of Tamiflu for what has developed into a chronic infection with an untypable flu (neither A nor B).  In a few days it will be just about time for another flagyli pulse, AND/OR it's just about time to start a 50-day course of fluconazole as an additional Lyme treatment agent.  And about that flagyl pulse...Steve's Lyme doc agrees that the pulses should be lengthened and says it takes 2 weeks for flagyl to kill Lyme.  However, he thinks that if the pulse is stretched out to 2 weeks, you should go ahead and make it a month-long pulse in order to kill as many of the cystic form as possible.  Steve's last pulse was 8

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