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Update, Dreaded corn, dairy, Gluten

I stopped eating Gluten about a year or so ago, had an improvement in colon function (my main problem these days following ReA 10 years ago, cured with cipro/biaxin) then about 6 months ago, stopped all dairy (had some whey protein which resulted in analeptic shock), this resulted in another improvement, then cut out all alcohol in dec 09. Again a improvement. Recently I cut out corn (and its byproducts) and what do you know I had a near normal week. Relapsed slightly a few days ago with a bit of chocolate but back on track now. Seems Im Cealic with the added twists of all its fun (dairy and corn to boot). I will keep you updated in a few months, let you know if it all settles down.

 hope youre all well,


Quick update

HI all,

Hope all are doing ok. I just thought I would check in and give a quick report. My own health is much better since I gave up eaten all gluten... Its been about 8 months now with no gluten and I am sooooooo much better, the colon problems I had been having are much better now, although the colon remains not 100%, I am able to forget about it most of the time and just get on with life. Sleep has improved also.

I advise all to give up Gluten, I think it is playing major a role in inflamation (for some) and many people I have seen now have also found similar problems and results.

For those who are interested in documentaries, I have had a big injection of great new docuemntaries on the docuementary site:< (most free).



this looks like it could be very interesting....



a non health related post

well, almost... just a little blog about my latest venture that I am quite proud off. I spent the last 5-6 months slowly building a steam room (hamam) in my girlfriends house. The project started off with the roof (I changed her roof last year which was another big project) anyway this court yard had an asbestos roof that was black and had no light whatsoever, so removed, replaced old gutter, (all hell raising stuff at that height) then loads of work on the walls, and knocking out tones of rubbish. Then started the building. The pictures start at about 3 months in. Steam rooms are supposed to be very good for the health, and removing those unwanted wrinkles.

colon woes

Hi folks,

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Site Down for another upgrade

Unfortunatly due to the server upgrading their system we also need to upgrade ours. Thus I am taking this site down now for a few hours until I have dont the work

Please finish up now.



Are there any artists in the House?

This is a totally off topic post, but since I have neared the end of my epic ordeal I thought I would share with you all what I have been up too recently. I have just deveoped from the ground up a new site were artists and professionals can make something called a FILMATION.

Its like making an online presentation using pictures and sound that you upload and organise as you like.

here is the address<

It would be great to see some of you here make use of this tool as so far not many people know about it and it feels negleted.

Hope you enjoy this one.






Complete Engine Change

So this being the second time Im writing this, as the first 30 minutes spent writing was lost when the all too worrying 500 internal error, spat out my last attempt. So If you want to maon about how this site is not performing right youve come to the right place!

Let me tell you (one again), whats been going on.

Our site had an iffy engine, it was running like an old banger, our hosts have put us on warning to fix the bloody engine or go at 10 miles an hour.

Potassium Potassium Potassium

I suspect one of my problems is a lack of Potassium, I have moments of great feeling to very rapid downward trends, these are increased by late meals and too much sun. I suspect that the problem is Potassium? I have found a few times now that adding Potassium at critiqial moments makes a huge difference. 

I am wondering wat the process behind this problem. But for now, im happy to get some relif from these attacks and will increase suplements over the next week to see if I can prove this to meself.


 I will report back soon and would be interested to hear if others have found any similar findings.







Potassium in diet
Potassium is an essential mineral macronutrient in human nutrition; it assists in muscle contraction and in maintaining fluid and electrolyte balance in body cells. Potassium is also important in sending nerve impulses as well as releasing energy from protein, fat, and carbohydrates during metabolism.
A shortage of potassium can cause a potentially fatal condition known as hypokalemia, typically resulting in diarrhea, increased diuresis and vomiting. Deficiency symptoms include dry skin, acne, chills, diarrhea, impaired cognitive function, muscle spasms, arrhythmia, decreased reflex response, thirst, glucose intolerance, growth retardation, insomnia, cholesteroli, and decreased blood pressure.
Eating a variety of foods that contain potassium is the best way to get an adequate amount. Healthy individuals who eat a balanced diet rarely need supplementsi. Foods with high sources of potassium include bananas, avocados, celery and turnips, although many other fruits, vegetables, and meats contain potassium. Research has indicated that diets high in potassium can reduce the risk of hypertension">i. Soil conservation practices often focus upon the sustainable withdrawal of phosphorus from soil systems.
The 2004 guidelines of the Institute of Medicine specify an RDA of 4,700 mg of potassium. However, it is thought that most Americans consume only half that amount per day ([1]). Similarly, in the European Union, particularly in Germany and Italy, insufficient potassium intake is widespread ([2]).
Some people with kidney disease are advised to avoid large quantities of dietary potassium.


charcol has worked wonders.

I have been doing very very well recently, still on my antifungals Lamisil and Fungizone, these 2 have made a very significant impact on my health. I added the charcol about 1 month ago and at the time I enjoyed yet another lift. Colon has been working really well nowdays, and has gone from being constantly constipated and full of gas to working almost normally. I still am sensitive to its movements, but in general it is a very pleasent improvement.

I am still lacking a little energy and sleep could I think be deeper, but everything is continuing to improve so I hope to see some more benefits yet.

One of my major symptoms being panic attacks is pretty much done with, but does depeand still on the colon.

I can't reccomend highly enough these antifungals.

I really suspect that many others who are doing abxi would benefit also from antifungals.

Eye Twitching (Blepharospasm)

Hi all; This is not for myself. A 12 year old girl, otherwise healthy, has recently been suffering with persistant twitching of one eye, slightly on the other too, happens more when tired. I had a quick look on the net, most of the standard patter, suggests to me at least that the official line is one of ignorance as to the underlining cause of this affliction. Given all the experience here I just though it worth mentioning it? If anyone has any suggestions at all, do please drop me a line. For myself, I continue to expeirence relief and a constant inprovment. I am Still taking Lamisil and Fungizone. I highly recommend these. Hope everyone is having some little successes too. All the best Bleu

Doing quite well at the moment!

I just thought I would annonce that I am doing quite well at the moment.

I am currently taking Lamisil and Fungizone (orally) which are both antifungals.

I have been taking these for about 4 months, and I am noticing improvments all the time.

I am sure now that much of what has been holding me back has been fungi. This is not too surprising considering the battle against bacteria I have had, and considering all the abxi that I have consumed.

My gut feeling is that everyone who has been through these wars, should also consider a trial of antifungals. To see if this is a factor for them too. I killed the bulk of the bacteria that caused ReA around 2001-2 but I have limped on since then, mostly with a comprimised immunei system I suspect due to fungi. No diet or lifestyle changes seemed to be able to resolve this alone.

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