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Another Flagyl Question

Hi Guys,

I've been taking 200 mg Doxyi every day w/ 250 mg of Azithromycin MWF.  Last time I saw my doctor he said that I will have to stop taking Doxy and Azithromycin while doing the Flagyli pulses because it was going to be too much for my body to handle.  I thought we were supposed to continue taking all the meds while doing the pulses, am I wrong?  Also, so far I've had no major reactions to this combo.  My elbow seems to be less swollen though, and an infection that I had on my toe went away when I introduced Azithromycin.  I guess something is working.



So far, no herxing

I started taking 100 mg of Doxyi every day and Azithromycin 250mg MWF, and so far the arthritis symptoms are the same.  Do you guys know how long does it take to have a reaction?  Is it right away?  Or does it take some time to see any type of die off reactions?  The only symptom I had was the runny nose and chills when I started taking NACi, but that was just the first two days.  I just hope this works because I tried the treatment with the roadback foundation where you take minocycline and it did not do anything to my condition.  Any thoughts? 


Hi, my name is Claudia and I was diagnosed with RA several years ago.  After doing some research and finding out about the connection between certain autoimune diseasesi and  bacterial infections , I decided to get tested for Cpni-which tested positive.  I am a little scared about taking so many antibioticsi, but I guess if this treatment works, then it's worth it!  I would like to know if you guys have a list of doctors who provide this treatment around the Miami, FL area.  Any help would be appreciated.
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