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2nd pulse

hi I'm currently on my 2nd pulse am able to do the full 5 days with no side effects could anyone tell me if this is normal taking doxyi daily azithomycin  3 days a week  then the full 5 days of metronizole was very sick the first few months but now everything has calmed down is this supposed to happen


could anybody please give me a list of doctors who will prescribe the 3 antiI biotic for the treatment

i live in Berkshire in England and my Dr will not prescribe 


can anybody send me a list of Doctors who will prescribe me with the protocol antibioticsi as I live in England and my Dr will not

Dr wheldon

has anybody been on his protocol and if so how long and has it worked for you


where can you obtain the 3 antibioticsi  for cpni help please

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