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 I got (or even had it before?) a candida problem while on my CAPi (normal Wheldon protocol) and was treated with fluconazole 100mg/day. I got fever, heart problems and severe productive cough, which I never had since my infection with Cpni???

For the reason of heart side-effects I stopped the fluconazole (slowing of QT-intervall). In the handbook I read Nystatin might work for sytemic candidosis as well. Is this true? Does curcumin/tumeric help and can anybody recommend me, where I can buy it cheaply - preferrably through the net or in Canada. The same about oregano oil in capsules?

 What kind of enzymes are Candex?

What else might help?

Mycoplasma Co-infection

Hallo everybody,

I suppose there are many more of you who are having a mycoplasma co-infection. Are there any changes in the protocol you have made? I somehow remember an article from prof. garth nicholson on the topic (treatment of chlamydia-mycoplama coninfections). Can anyone find the article again ?

Are there any changes in the supplementsi because I remember another article where they said, that mycoplasma change other parameters like TNF-beta or so ???

Has anybody literature on mycoplasma and the (long term!) treatment?

Can Mycoplasma develop resistance to abxi?

Nice if you would post it here!







Hallo everybody,


I'm looking for labs who are doing tests on Cpnii and Mycoplasma and Doctors treating Cpnii in Toronto, Canada.

Can anybody help? 

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