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Has anyone substituted (for CoQ10) or added pqq to their supplementsi? Do you know how much we should take?


from my neurologist (whom I haven't seen in years:

Msi. Ungar
Biotin is safe, I have heard of its use in MS. I am working from home, can get out of the complicated security window for this program to look at the URL you sent, I will get back to you later.
If you want more information or advice, respond to this message.
Call (240) 632-4900 to ask for a return phone call if you want to talk with me.
Be well,

Andrew Dutka MD 12/6/2015 9:40 PM


The biotin study is now complete and will be submitted for approval.

I have been using 300mg/day otc for 2 weeks. The difference is remarkable!

I cost-checked pharmaceutical grade b7 and asked a local compounding pharmacy the cost for a 1 month supply. $156. I thereforevbought 12 bottles at Vitacost for less than $56.

Tripping on Biotin

Today I took 300mg of biotin. I have been increasing the dose gradually for a couple of months. Tomorrow, Thanksgiving, is my birthday; perhaps by the end of my 65th year I will walk again.

Not a candidate for Tavist

Took Tavist today at 11a.m. Irene K. said it made her a bit sleepy. I fought off sleep until 2pm.. and then slept for 6 hours followed by more grogginess. This was 1 tablet. The dosage is 4. I'm a canary in a coal mine, so, of course, I experienced another side effect. Call it fickle fecal or porous anus. I don't know what the doctors call it, but you DON'T want it!

Radio interview<

This doctor talks about how Lyme and other diseasesi such as are often misdiagnosed by the medical establishment as m.s., fibromyalgiai, et al.


I've been on this protocol forever and always going downhill. Yet when I stop CAPi, I go downhill much faster.

When I was first diagnosed, I told the neuroi I had been treated for Lyme in 1992. I started limping in 1999, 7 years later. It so happens, a ph.d. in pharmacology told me, that it takes exactly 7 years after a Lyme infection goes to the brain for neurological symptoms to appear.

The neuro did an LP and found no evidence of Lyme. My 1 test through Igenex showed me borderline (but I had been on CAP for years).

CAP Conga

2 steps forward, 1 step back - uhh

2 steps forward, 1 step back - uhh

2 steps forward, 1 step back - uhh

Fall, break, back, back, back ----------------------------

And again!

2 steps forward, 1 step back - uhh

2 steps forward, 1 step back - uhh . . . 

Take 2, pulse 3, fighting for survival.

Take 2, pulse 2 combined with acupressure for Lyme

I only lasted 3 days; the combination of the 2 protocolsi was, quite literally, a killer. Thurs. must have been my detox day because I might as well have lived in the bathroom. I was so tired that I fell asleep while sitting on the toilet. By nighttime, my inner organs were aching and I figured I should listen to my old worn-out body and call it a pulse. I then slept for 15 hours. Last night, 2 nights after stopping, I had more neurological symptoms than during the pulse.

Trying a drier climate -- the desert

Well, it's nice not to have the humidity, but at 7000' the sun is very hot and the air is thin. The landscape is literally out of a John Wayne movie -- dry, rugged, brown. I miss Sheridan, WY. Too bad it's ultra-conservative and a 2 hour drive from anything. But, omg, it's beautiful!

I'm posting some pix for reference.

Guess not -- can't download the pix.

Take 2, pulse 1

I restarted the protocol in November with emendations to indiviualize it. I now take amoxicillini instead of NACi and I use methyl folate">i to clean out the toxins. The latter still makes me very sick.

I took my time getting ready to pulse.

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