Looking for a doctor in Massachusetts

I am looking for a doctor in Massachusetts that is familiar with the protocolsi mentioned on this website, who is familiar with CPNi, and takes insurance. Any suggestions would be appreciated. Thanks.

New to site and diagnosis with so many questions

Hello to everyone here at CPNi. I am new to the website and the diagnosis and have many questions. Hopefully some of you may be able to answer and help me to understand.  I have been recently diagnosed with what appears to be a chronic infection as per my labs. I have high Iggi and high IGA. I am not actively sick with respiratory problems, my issues are currenlty more arthritis especcially spinal related. But I have had a history of sinus infectionsi and bronchitis type respiratory infections in the past.  How does one know when they contracted the CPN? If I am infected chronically does that mean I had contracted this years ago or months or what? 

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