Anyone Use Rifabutin or Rifampicin on Sjogrens?

Been using Minocycline for 3 years on Roadback.   Have tried combos with Amox, Clarithromycin, Roxithromycin, Flagyli, Tinidazole.   So far holding only.   Read some info that Sjogrens is caused by H Pylori, tough to beat.   There is a new drug coming, in Phase 3, uses Amox, Rifabutin and Prilosec, high doses, with 90% cure r ate.   Has anyone used this or used a combo with Rifabutin or Rifamycin with any success?  Thanks all.



H. Pylorii is considerably

H. Pylorii is considerably easier to beat than cpni. A couple of weaks of amoxi + azi + NACi (to disolve its biofilms) should kill it. There is no need using high-calibre weapons such as rifampicin, rifabutin (which are reserve drugs for tuberculosis)

Definitely do not forget the NAC<

However, I am not sure that you can cure Sjogrens by eradicating H. Pylori. That the bacteria is associated with Sjogrens does not mean that it causes Sjogrens.