Chlamydia Pneumoniae Miscellaneous related material

Research on Supplements and adjuncts to treatment found here<

Macrophage antioxidanti enzymes regulate Chlamydia pneumoniae chronicity: Evidence of the effect of redox balance on host-pathogen relationship< ANtioxidants are important to CPn treatment. This paper explores the impact of CPn infection on redox in the macrophages. Technical paper.

Aspirin< has been demonstrated to have anti-chlamydial effects. There is some suspicion that the "1 aspirin a day" effect in helping heart disease may be as much from the antibiotic effect it has on chlamydia as from it's supposed blood-thinning effect.

PDF paper written for physicians on the evidence supporting the notion chronic illness is germ induced<

Salpingitis and Fibrosis in Koala's due to CPn< This one's for females. I, Mrhodes40, am one of two people I know of who had female issues before CPn treatment that cleared up after abxi. Related? Possibly. This citation indicates that CPn causes issues for female koala's.

-Toxic induced porphyrias< technical but interesting. A must for physicians interested in using these protocols

-Dead Bugs Don't Mutate< Classic explanation about bacterial intervention.

Is Science overlooking Bacteria in Chronic Illness?< This page is an editorial comment on the unwillingness of science in general to look at the infective theories of chronic illness.