903 pills down, 30,000 to go

Well that was daft, and amazing. I worked out how many pills I'd taken since starting CAPi. 903! Then I worked out how many more I'll take if I'm on the same stuff for two more years. Over 30k! Seems impossible but given I've already taken 903 without too much hassle then I suspect the rest will go down just as easily.

I figured I could start a countdown calendar or do one of those songs......

31,390 pills on the wall

31,390 pills

chuck 43 down, swill them around

31,347 pills on the wall


Anyway, after 903 pills, and first full week of Zithi, results?

No major problems at all. In fact I've been feeling pretty good although suffering with heat issues due to the sudden warm weather. I certainly don't seem to have had any worsening of anything, although I do get the most appalling episodes of sweats all over but that's been going on for a couple of weeks.

Other than that the only thing to remark on is burning feet! What's with the burning feet? I had it the other night. Got into bed and suddenly felt like I was walking on hot coals. The only way I could get to sleep was stick my feet out from under the duvet and point the portable air-con at them.

Next morning it had gone but I upped the Chlorella anyway and I've bought a supply of charcoal caps just in case.

I'm still working on the breakfast without weight gain issue. I got hold of Glucose powder and have replaced all sugar in tea and coffee etc with that. I also bought a tub of Benefiber. I mix a spoonful of that in with the morning cup of tea and that's my minimum fibre requirement for the day done and dusted. Amazingly, neither the glucose nor the Benefiber alter the taste of the tea.

Biscuits are out. Too much sugar. Bananas are out, too many carbs. Fruit bowls are OK but a change is nice. Can't stand Muesli and Granola or any breakfast cerial that requires milk all over it. So now I'm trying Blueberry grain bars which look good, taste good, contain added calcium but I just noticed the sugar content so back to the drawing board.


I agree with Daisy, Andesine

I agree with Daisy, Andesine - please continue.  You are hilarious - cheers me up, no end.


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UK Carer of bedridden Severe CFS Feb06. Tick bites Summer04.  CPNi dxi.Apr07. Borrelia dx Sept08. Samento 15 drps daily July07.  200mg Doxyi Jan08.  300mg Roxy Apr08 Stopped abxi Nov/Dec08. Building up on Supps again.

 Andesine - I enjoy your

 Andesine - I enjoy your posts so much.  You have such a great sense of humor and add some much needed comic relief here ! 

Glad to hear you are proceeding nicely on your CAPi and wish you much success and good healing!  As well as the perfect fruit bowl.


Daisy - Husband on CAP 5/07.   Roxyi, Diflucan round three 4-4, Rifampin, Bactrim DS, Mepron 4-6, Prednisone, Novantrone, Doxyi, Azithromycin, Flagyli, Minoi<

Daisy - Husband on CAPi 5/07.  Husband died from Acute Myelogenous Leukemia Secondary to the Infusion of Novantrone.  Ie - the treatment with the conventional MSi drugs killed him.

Daisy on her own CAP 11/2012. 

 On burning feet- this

 On burning feet- this symptom is a common one early on in the CAPi, and is probably from EBi's getting destroyed. Dr. Stratton has said, "EB's obey the law of gravity like everything else must," and thus they tend to accumulate in peripheral small vessels of the feet, ankles, legs. See if your reaction seems timed roughly X hours after you take the NACi

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Interesting. It's not

Interesting. It's not happened until the other night but I've got it again now. Both must have been a couple of hours after taking morning/evening dose of pills.

What's more interesting, my ankle is where I had pooling from an enlarged vein that was stripped 2 years ago. Radiating from that are a network of tiny veins that head down the side of my foot.

When I saw David he mentioned he had the same thing from an old injury. I was always twisting and spraining my ankles. 

Berkshire, UK. Diagnosed RRMSi Feb 4th 2008.

NACi 2400mg. All supplementsi. Doxyi 200mg. Zithi 250mg M/W/F.
No GP/Neuroi support. Self medicating with help from David Wheldoni.
Started CAPi 20th April 2008.

Berkshire, UK. Diagnosed RRMSi Feb 4th 2008.

NACi 2400mg. All supps. Doxyi 200mg. Zithi 250mg. Metroi 400mg.
No GP/Neuroi support. Self medicating with help from David Wheldoni.
Started CAPi 20th April