2nd Try at Graduation

Today is my last day on full-time CAPi.  I tried to graduate about this same time last year and fell flat on my face (my CAP started Spring '07).  For those who don't know me, my problems are:  high blood lipids, adult-onset diabetes, arthritis, hyperostosis, and osteopenia (depositing bone where it doesn't belong and losing it from where it should be denser).  There are other minor complaints, but those are the main ones.

I've been feeling much better for the past two months after feeling very draggy and mentally dense for most of last year.  In this latest leg of my journey, my doctor has had me on a 10-day on/10-day off flagyli dosing pattern.  Blood was drawn at my annual physical on Jan. 16, and I won't see the results until late February.  I'm hoping my lipid profile and blood sugar levels will show some improvement, because they rose to frightening levels over the past year.  To help this, I've also been eating oatmeal every day and taking red yeast rice and sterols/sterolins supplementsi.

That's it for now; I'll update this post after the follow-up appointment with my doctor.


Joyce, Congratulations are


Congratulations are in order for you!  Can't wait to hear the POSITIVE results. Wink  

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Thanks guys. A couple of

Thanks guys. A couple of interesting developments---I've started dreaming again, and my appetite has revved up (like I need that!).

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Wow! Congratulations!

Wow! Congratulations!

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Hey, Joyce, that's great.

Hey, Joyce, that's great. Keep us posted, please.


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Congratulations Joyce!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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Good luck, Joyce!   Keep

Good luck, Joyce!   Keep us posted, but we're all pulling for you!

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