2nd pulse

hi I'm currently on my 2nd pulse am able to do the full 5 days with no side effects could anyone tell me if this is normal taking doxyi daily azithomycin  3 days a week  then the full 5 days of metronizole was very sick the first few months but now everything has calmed down is this supposed to happen


Well, I took a full five day

Well, I took a full five day pulse straight off with no side effects apart from a tendency to burstinto tears.  This was after three months, though.  One thing I am not sure about from reading your post: are you taking the bacteristatics along with the meroidazole or do you stop them for the pulse?  You should be taking all three together...................Sarah

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Hi yes I'm taking all 3 with

Hi yes I'm taking all 3 with all the supplementsi,just needed to know if it is working as I'm not being ill thank you for your reply

You know 'if it's working' by

You know 'if it's working' by assessing your health, abilities and cognitive thinking, not by feeling ill on the meds.  I had no ill effects from the antibioticsi, fortunately, and many others didn't either.  Count your blessings!

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Ahh many thanks for youe

Ahh many thanks for youe reply at least I know it's quite normal not to be ill